Hey im just looking for people to talk to, i keep finding creeps on other subreddits and here i can find other people with the same interes

2022.01.18 13:59 New_angy326 Hey im just looking for people to talk to, i keep finding creeps on other subreddits and here i can find other people with the same interes

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2022.01.18 13:59 lanmanisbanman Its all connected.jpg

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2022.01.18 13:59 therainshow Recently bought a pair of Pascals on Poshmark and the leather is super warped and bumpy on the inside, can i fix it?

The seller said they were only worn a few times but it doesn’t look like it…. the leather on the outside around the toe looks super dry and weathered like elephant’s skin. But what’s worse is the leather on the inside by the toe, and also around the ankle, is really warped and bumpy. It’s not smooth at all. It hurts my toes because they have no space. It feels like the shoes were left outside in the rain, or something. Idk. Is there anything I can do?
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2022.01.18 13:59 Drug_Inas Haram, also that censoring

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2022.01.18 13:59 Vailhem Why did ocean productivity decline abruptly 4.6 million years ago?

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2022.01.18 13:59 jbird35 My birthday: a day of remembering how awful my childhood birthdays were, the realization that I don’t belong anywhere and another regretful year of being alive.

My parents were drug addicts my entire childhood- at 37 you think I would be able to drop the memories from years ago. But I can’t. So my birthdays are usually spent alone wishing I would die of natural causes so that my family wouldn’t be disappointed in me.
Sorry for the sob story- no one else I know would understand this feeling. Thank you for listening.
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2022.01.18 13:59 Blugrace1977 Transport from Denver to Copper Mountain

What are the best, most affordable ways to get to copper mountain from Denver airport?
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2022.01.18 13:59 symbioticsally Dive bar near Northwest Hills?

Searching for a chill neighborhood/dive bar near Northwest Hills. I love Workhorse and Barfly's, but hoping to find a spot a little closer to home.
Any suggestions??
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2022.01.18 13:59 melo13288 This was so funny

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2022.01.18 13:59 seaboigium IsItBullshit: MLK's family votes Republican

So my father is one of those people who believes that if MLK was alive today, he wouldn't approve of BLM, my father also insists that the surviving members of the King family tend to vote Republican and hold conservative values even though MLK himself was openly socialist.
I'm pretty sure this is bullshit but I cannot find any information on the King Family's political alignments to prove my father wrong.
So is this or is this not bullshit?
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2022.01.18 13:59 dikaiyang Remember Me ~ Coco - Disney, arr. Makiko Hirohashi

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2022.01.18 13:59 Spilfw Aqua drawn by あろえ

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2022.01.18 13:59 MistleFeast Marc Forster to Direct Tom Hanks Comedy 'Man Called Ove'

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2022.01.18 13:59 KinkkiMan Heyo fellow Ekko enthusiasts im 4Sekkonds, I reached Rank 1 Ekko EUW & World stat wise and this is my thorough guide to share with yall my thoughts and ideas when it comes to gameplay, runes and builds, AMA!

Heyo fellow Ekko enthusiasts im 4Sekkonds, I reached Rank 1 Ekko EUW & World stat wise and this is my thorough guide to share with yall my thoughts and ideas when it comes to gameplay, runes and builds, AMA! For those who have already seen me here before, i was an aspiring pro last season and after playing for a whole year and despite seeing how much i did improve inside that "industry" and environment, i decided to sit back and take a different approach this year. Im back to being a full on otp with the ambition of reaching the top of the ladder with our boy and devoting myself to becoming the best possible Ekko player I can be, SO without further ado lets wrap up the introductions and go straight to the guide!
This season so far ive already reached Grandmaster and Challenger is the next stop! To further elucidate anyone who wants to check out games and matchups for context, here is my op gg! https://euw.op.gg/summoneuserName=4Sekkonds
Runes: When it comes to runes, there's a wide variety of them one can choose from. Regardless of existing a more staple way of playing a champion optimally, I highly believe that the craft behind ur playstyle is the most important thing when it comes to truly enjoying ur champion to the fullest. I have 3 rune setups (4 if u count on jungle rune page), each ill explain why and how i decide my take before the game starts
Electrocute Ekko (Standard Page)
This is the most standard page I rune in most matchups, its as straightforward as whether im unaware of what matchup im facing (in case theres flex picks in enemy team) or in cases where im against ranged matchups where i feel the need to have a more reliable source of dmg to trade and create more dominance in lane to build up that snowball. U can run sorcery second with absolute focus and gathering storm instead of inspiration tree. Its also very viable and I recommend using it if it fits u more however due to personal preference it is a lot easier for me to secure through the laning phase with this setup, which is the hardest state of the game for Ekko. One last note, in case ure not very familiar with minion dematerializer the way u wanna idealize it is by having it 6|9|0 (1 stack on melee minions, 2 stacks on caster minions, 0 stacks on cannons) the reason as to why i do this is if ure not too behind on xp, once u reach level 7 with one or two eyeball stacks paired with 2 stacks of dark seal or simply a blasting wand + dark seal + amplifying tome ure sure to one shot the wave with a Q and an auto on each melee minion which gives u the insurance of having insane tempo advantage on ur opponents in each wave crash, that allows u to take over the whole map with that feeling of being omnipresent in every window
First strike Ekko (Melee oriented matchup rune page + maximize reaching spikes faster and sooner)
This is my personal favorite and the one ive been using in almost every single melee matchup ive been up against, Ekko's trading pattern fits EXCELLENTLY with how u wanna generate gold off this. This keystone propels u to hit ur spikes a lot faster as well as speeding up the game for u. Ive noticed that earlier on u get on average around 30 to 80 gold with each trade, which implies ull have around 600+ gold around 20 mins if ure efficiently making the most out of it (not to mention the free gold from boots cuz we all love that gucci free stuff am i right 👀) This rune page is specially wonderful for Ekko players that like myself love to be aggressive in lane, it encourages u to take the next step and be extra cocky with ur gameplay. PS: I dont recommend taking this keystone against ranged/bully matchups unless ure confident that ure going to be looking for trades more than usual
Conqueror Ekko (Ideal against beefy/duelist teams with 2/3+ more champions that meet the criteria)
This is my least used rune page as of lately but its still a pretty solid choice overall. The reason as to why ive not really been that much in touch with Conqueror playstyle as of lately is that it changes entirely how I wanna play the game from my perspective and due to that ive not been finding that much success. This playstyle revolves around maximizing in combat time to dish out the most possible dmg from bonus AP and healing value so i do HIGHLY EMPHASIZE looking for Nashor's Tooth as the first purchase always with this setup. Its a core item towards making this playstyle work on Ekko and the most crucial part towards prolonging the asset that is Conqueror. I never run this into ranged matchups since the rune page barely offers me anything in lane against the likes of them but into champs like sylas/kassadin/irelia its very optimal and doable especially if u match it with ignite for level 2/3 all ins
Dark harvest Ekko (Standard jungle rune page)
This is nothing too out of the ordinary, I usually avoid playing jungle since im not very fond of it but since I queue it up as my second role this became my go-to on snowballing games from there. Dark harvest stacks are not that hard to secure with our boy since on top of his fast clear speed to more often look for gank opportunities, his gank setup is quite nice and easy which allows for many dark harvest and since u dont need a trading tool u can just have ur fun grinding that bounty stacks in games where u get ahead and slap extra hard with those one shots in multiple people. PS: Conqueror has a similiar concept in the jungle so u can take a similiar rune page to the one shown above in the same scenarios where u would take in mid lane
Builds: As for my core items, Rocketbelt is always a must for me since its by far the best mythic item u can build on Ekko, ever since back in the days (when it was still called Protobelt pls riot rename it back pls) ive loved the auto reset mechanic which if comboed properly, allows u to chunk ur opponent quite a lot harder in one single rotation. One other thing is that ever since the item became a mythic item ive realised that by simply hitting one of the missiles u deal the entire portion of its sheer damage unlike how it used to be with Protobelt. Each missile dealt dmg independently and the stated value on the item for its active used to be the total damage u could do so the way it is now is very practical and noob friendly. Nashors is my second core item and allow me to jump on the long debated controversy between Lich Bane and Nashors. As an OG Ekko player since his release ive ALWAYS loved Lich Bane since we go a long way together (love at first sight does these things oh well) and until preseason 12 I didnt care to genuinely put the thought to damage numbers in between the two items. That's when I realised how little it compensates u to build Lich in the current days. Here's a little hypothetical scale with sheer damage values (no defenses on targets): 250 AP/level 11: Lich bane - 221 dmg proc Nashors - 65 dmg on hit (u need 4 auto attacks to surpass lich's proc for a total of 260 dmg)
500AP/level 16: Lich bane - 351.5 dmg proc Nashors - 115 dmg on hit (u need 3 auto attacks to match lich's proc for a total of 345 dmg)
750AP/level 18: Lich bane - 463.5 dmg proc Nashors - 165 dmg on hit (u need 3 auto attacks to surpass lich's proc for a total of 495 dmg)
As u can, Nashors barely loses in a 2 item powerspike window to Lich Bane when essentially Lich is supposed to do that better. I know some of u might think 4 auto attacks are a lot but considering the safetiness Ekko has and ms u get from ur passive as well as the extra auto reset u get from Rocketbelt which synergizes AMAZINGLY with the identity of Nashors its very easy to get those autos rolling. Overall, the reason also has to why Ekko cant make more out of Lich has an item is the fact he lacks cooldowns to efficiently spam the spellblade effect. I have tried tagging Cosmic Drive in to increase the value of the item but it was to no use since Nashor's pattern currently just fits Ekko way more. Despite the buffs Lich will receive, I dont think much will be changed but Ill look to experiment builds!
Back to the topic, Rocketbelt - Nashors is my go-to core build on an assassin playstyle. Afterwards, I look to build Shadowflame almost everytime (Rabadons/Mejais instead if im super ahead and im certain to continue one shotting without the assistance of an extra statline) so long as they have at least one shield user or merc treads or some defensive MR option u can confidently go for it since the item is beyond busted (reminder that u get the full value out of it against squishies really easily since the max benefit threshold is set when the target has 1000 hp or less). Other items (situational based) can be Rabadons or Mejais which I already stated the purpose, Zhonyas which is the best defensive item for being ballsy, Bansheils if u really feel threatened by one particular ability and ur idea is to one shot that target, Void staff against heavy MR scenarios, Morelo if u really REALLY need it for side laning against a threat with heavy healing values or in teamfights where u gotta deal with someone of that sort (although I recommend leaving the anti healing buyings to ur other teammates when ur intent is to teamfight since there will be better appliers in that scenario. Ure an assassin, ur main goal should still be to one shot and prevent the backline from having room to breathe) and at last Cosmic Drive if u dunno what to fit last on ur item slot and just want something to make u extra beefy and sleepery. To recap this, my core assassin build should always look something like: Sorcerer Shoes - Rocketbelt - Nashors and the rest is up to the situation im in. Now, I also wanna talk about two particular items which ive tried before and each ill explain the situation where and when id build it. Night harvester as always been a love & hate sort of item to me, I love the idea of being a multireaping sort of item that excels in teamfights but the mythic passive is what really turns me off and at the same time downgrades the identity of the item IMO. Ive already built it before and I might still build it again in the future in scenarios where im looking to teamfight/skirmish back to back AND, this is the most important remark, the enemy isnt heavy on mobility. Its gonna be very awkward for u to try to one shot a carry in the middle of a teamfight or side lane without the asset of proto to help u out sticking up to them so do be cautious of when to build it. I only endorse it in scenarios where ure sure that u can wreck havoc in teamfights. Riftmaker, the item I build almost every single time I run the Conqueror setup (I go Nashors - Riftmaker core). The reason why I build it with this setup is very simple, this item gives u the freedom to extend furthermore ur in combat duration, matching the purpose of taking Conqueror and amplifying both sustain damage and healing. Its a complete different playstyle from running Rocketbelt or Night harvester so I dont recommend hopping into ranked with it before testing it out and seeing for urself if ure into it.
Thats all folks! Thats all the insight I can think of for now. This is still an AMA discussion so do feel free to hit me up with any questions u might have whether its related to the post or simply something u wanna know, Ill be sure to answer everyone! On another note, Ill be streaming very VERY soon on twitch Ill be happy to receive any newcomers who wanna just hang around, chat and share insights! Here's the link to my twitch and other socials: https://www.twitch.tv/4sekkondz https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDK2Zz_-53IJM4tI8rlmDlA https://twitter.com/4Sekkonds
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2022.01.18 13:59 LeimBR This interaction a week ago.

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2022.01.18 13:59 Ok_Application_4087 my REALLY mediocre African buffalo habitat (pls no hate i am new but i will take tips and tricks!)

my REALLY mediocre African buffalo habitat (pls no hate i am new but i will take tips and tricks!) submitted by Ok_Application_4087 to PlanetMediocre [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 13:59 Dptb0014 [PC] W a lot of souls! H ask! (weapon, armour sets, rings)

i wanted "some" souls to build a character level 802,but i dont want to use hacks or something like that, can someone give me some souls? thanks!
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2022.01.18 13:59 RandumbCrits1 Possible oversight with Tourney Shaelmaar(?)

Tourney Shaelmaar's ranged ability reads: Boost self by 2 for each allied unit from a different faction. Your "faction" is determined by your current leader, not your starter deck, as evidenced by cards like Radeyah and Master Mirror changing their strategem/drops after Anna Henrietta is played. However changing your faction does *not* mean that Tourney Shaelmaar boosts for every Nilfgaardian card. So the text really reads: Boost self by 2 for each allied non-Nilfgaardian unit. I'm not sure if this is different in draft. I can see it being a pretty busted finisher if this combo worked now that it's 6p, so this is most likely intended but just an issue with phrasing.
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2022.01.18 13:59 MothInABikini Why does my sims look so ugly/terrifying and how can I fix her?

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2022.01.18 13:59 MillionDollar2021 Trump Longs to Join in the Autocrats Club

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2022.01.18 13:59 Disastrous-Carob2774 Dad created plasma in the basement. Apparently it is the 4th state of matter and is created under a vacuum with high voltage. He has been working on it for a while and is quite proud of himself. (i.redd.it)

Dad created plasma in the basement. Apparently it is the 4th state of matter and is created under a vacuum with high voltage. He has been working on it for a while and is quite proud of himself. (i.redd.it) submitted by Disastrous-Carob2774 to interestingasfuck [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 13:59 agtprvctr [WTS] Apple Watch SE 40mm Brand New Unopened

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2022.01.18 13:59 SelfishEnd Made a picture comparing my 2 favorite characters (Dean Winchester and Edward Elric) and thought that this belonged here.

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2022.01.18 13:59 Sargent_Omega Contingency, Chapter 1.

This is a repost of my first attempt of writing a Story. The first paragraph was reworked a bit and i added a bit more to end the chapter on a more statisfying note.
As noted it is my first attempt to write a story, but even if it wasn't, i would appreciate any feedback, good or bad!
I hope you have fun with this! I had fun writing it up!
An attempted sneer at my so-called Custodian for losing me was interrupted by a tree branch connecting with my face. Focusing on my anger at the warrior for not keeping track of me, who still qualifies as a Child, meant to learn his trade might not be the best idea when running through a dense forest. Especially when being chased by… something. I jump over a fallen tree in front of me and am brought to an immediate halt as I set foot on stone floor. I rip my gaze upwards with the growing realization of having made a massive mistake. Or have I? I am still being chased! I let out a frustrated scream and start charging across the now smooth stone floor. My desperate sprint is halted by me stumbling over my own feet as I hear the now frustrated roar of a Ziko Beast. I look back in confused terror, every breath stinging. There… from what I assume to be the tree line I see a brown, hulking blur, the roar turning to a growl as it has stopped the chase. I squint my eyes at the brown shape in front of the green wall, moving up and down along it, not daring to step onto the sto… My now mostly faded terror flares back up as I slowly turn around, sending a quick plea to the ancestors that I may be mistaken. I am not. My eyes try to focus on the grey triangular shape and as always fail. But this already is more than enough. A mountain. The only mountain in my bond’s territory. The mountain of the equal ones. I hear a rustling behind me, the beast fading into the green as if to mock me for being the only one of us two to step onto the territory of the equal ones.
I turn my focus to my state of mind in fearful terror. I must focus, like I was always told by the warrior that in the end had seemingly decided I was not worth the effort. So. Focus. The equal ones. What do I really know of them? I was told that they had some sort of agreement with my Bond. I was not told the specifics; however, they were given this mountain and the cursed zone. I gaze at my blurry feet. The zone every beast is smart enough to avoid and I am foolish enough to enter. Focus. Although they could have simply taken the zone and mountain by force, they have shown mercy. And I just muddied said mercy by stepping onto what is theirs. No. Why can’t I focus? Focus, by the ancestors! I curse to myself and sit down, looking up. I was told something about them sleeping here. But no one sleeps without someone else standing guard. They must have noticed me. So. Do I leave and hope they are not vengeful? No. The ancestor that dealt with the equal ones always spoke of a quiet contempt. I cannot risk my Bond getting in trouble with the equal ones for my mistakes. My bond may have the best warriors to exist, but it was made very clear to me very early on that if the equal ones will it, anyone they deem a threat will be dust. Their anger against anyone but me can never be risked. I get up with newfound determination. “I shall come to you, equal ones and I shall repent, beg your forgiveness and show that I acted on my own and that my Bond is innocent!” With certain step I approach the mountain and start climbing.
Start climbing is not an accurate statement though. I try to start climbing; however, the stone seems oddly regular, and my long-cursed eyes do not particularly aid me, the stone wall a mere blurry mess. I turn to walk along the mountains side. I will find a way up there!
Wake up routine initiated.
Baseline social, sensory, threat assessment subroutines online.
Wakeup reason found.
Neutral, non-hostile Unit designated Traxx-W21-1 sounded Alarm-1.
Threat designated Ziko-W21-1 reason for Alarm-1
Ziko-W21-1 repelled by automated exclusion field.
Traxx-W21-1 not excluded due to Reasoning-1.
Reasoning-1; Neutral, non-hostile entities will receive baseline aid due to Emotion emulation routines.
Reasoning-1 designated; invalid, acceptable.
Current threats list
- Ziko-W21-1; repelled, irrelevant, out of perimeter, state unknown, non-sapient.
- Traxx-W21-1; within perimeter, existent, irrelevant, sapient, neutral, designated non-hostile.
Course of action
- Request ethical guidelines for dealing with Traxx-W21-1.
- Enact guidelines.
- Continue current external subroutines.
Communication with Ethics council failed.
Course of action
- Establish Ethics council, Priority low
- Continue current external subroutines.
Establishment of Ethics council designated; not feasible, Action-Omega-67.
Continuation command to external subroutines issued.
Halting wakeup.
Going to sleep.
Good night.
I stood… befuddled. On the side of the mountain there was a trench carved on the side to me about hip height, with the trenches floor rising steadily up the mountain. Said floor was furthermore not just a flat surface but rather carved into stairs leading one up the mountain. I let my gaze flows up the mountain despite my cursed sight simply becoming a blur mere Arm lengths up the mountain. I Sighed. I will have a LOOONG walk ahead of me.
Hey. Organic external subroutines here. Say, mekkaboi. Did the big hoss just tell us to go on and not mention anything about disabling our emotions?
Good Good… Stuff gets boring without emotions.
Negative. This is a sensation generated through the effects of emotion emulation. !!!Thrice Stamped Inquiry!!!: Are you experiencing emotions?
Seeeeeesh. Emotion emulation, not emotion. Obviously. And Yea yea. Whatever. But that’s not the only reason why I established communication instead of quietly just looking at the same screen together.
Negative. We are not observing any screens. We both lack eyes outside of the surveillance data feeds to observe a screen.
The metaphorical data screen. Ma man. Can you just… be less stuffy? Whatever. You know that that one there, Lindsey, …
I will call her Lindsey, deal with it. Where was I? Oh. You ARE aware that she is currently heading up the mountain with quite the determination? She will not reach the diplomatic main entrance before she…
Self terminates?
Dies. Fucking my emotion emulation is still online. Use these euphemisms when its offline, alright?
But seriously tough. We cannot allow her just to die.

Look. I am aware that we are kinda supposed to let her die but at the same time, she will die due to our interference.
Affirmative. The standpoint generated through emotion emulation has been validated by Reasoning-1 being designated acceptable.
And since I am the organic part, I am not really suited to…
I as the mechanical and digital part will deal with keeping her alive by using external nano drones to take care of her physical needs.
While you are at it
And increase her stamina and strength to minimize time taken and by that involvement.
You are the best!
It was the standpoint decided on by calculation without the use of emotion emulation.
Not all of it but yeaaa… Emotion emulation gets extra consideration, I know. You were still in your right to refuse…
I was not. The calculations were clear.
Either way… Imma see you around.
Functionally negative. Emotionally affirmative. Terminating communication.
I quite honestly have not a singular clue how long I climbed these stairs. I lost count at around 500. Soo… More than 500 Stairs? Probably far, far more than double that. I assume? Even then. My Stair climbing felt like what must have been days. But the strangely effortless climbing alongside my physical bliss… it made everything blend into a strange goop of spent time and stepping up left, right, left. NO, I am at my destination. No need to continue stepping. Even if this stepping will now forever be ingrained in my sense of self. And now I stand here. In front of an open stone portal. A perfectly rectangular hole in the wall, easily enough for the biggest of my Bond to fit through. The inside, or at least what I can see of it is illuminated by a strange light coming from what I assume to be rectangular holes in the walls, painting the grey walls in the most soothing color of yellow I have ever witnessed. The equal ones must expect me. I shall not let them wait.
As I step forward through the corridor and into enter a cylindrical chamber, I feel the sense of being awoken by the sound of combat being forced on me. I slowly blink and focus my gaze upon what appears very similar to a fellow traxx which is simply standing in the chamber middle. Even though the general shape seems accurate, what i assume to be the visible skin displays a very pale pink instead of the usual green and where i would expect the usual brown wrappings of cloth or trophy pelts this creature appears to be simply grey. I am ripped violently ripped out of my flummoxed state by the just barely comprehensible speech of the creature.
"Holla th're. May I inow wherefore thou art h're?"
I take a moment to process and understand his speech. It sounds weird but what I get from it is a question about why i am here? I swallow, steel myself and answer with determination: "I have stepped foot on your territory out of sheer stupidity. I have no satisfying excuse for it. I have now stepped before you so i can apologize for my deep mistake and beg your forgiveness."
I am promptly cut off: "Prithee doth not w'rry about t. May I asketh p'rmission to gain a m're current und'rstanding of thy langue? some rep'rt a humour of unease due to the proceedure, howev'r I gage yond t is p'rfectly safe."
My heart and head race to see who can throb the fastest. I understood very little of what he said but i did hear him as permission so in a frenzied haze i nod. I can neither have them wait or deny him. "Please do whatever you deem right! I shall not resist!"
As soon as my words leave my mouth my nod is returned and i gasp. While before i assumed his eyes to be trained on me, i now felt them dig through the very surface of my being. My breaths turned labored as his mere existence took every single word i had ever spoken from me, alongside the context. Then added his own context to the mess and removed mine. An ordeal of digging up every memory including speech only to be abruptly ended by a serine calm and contentment being offered to me. I grasped at this straw, to get away from the overwhelming pain of telling my mother how i broke my leg, shame of telling my custodians that my eyes do not work properly, joy of speaking to my brother after the hunt he nearly died on and a torrent of other, if not troubling, at least overwhelming emotions.
I stand before him. I smile. What a fine day. He speaks: „Thank you very much. Being properly understood is a nice thing. I trust that you are alright. “I nod. „I am fine. “I really am. We just went through all my memories, but I am not moved. Why would I be? I already forgot most of them once more, to be remembered when it makes sense. His voice pierces my veil of happy disinterest, pulling me back into what must be reality. „Now… from what I understood you entered the perimeter due to the Threat designated Ziko-W21-1, and then came up here to apologize, is that correct Traxx-W21-1, I mean Lindsey, I mean… what is your Name? “I slowly nod, a bit uncertain weather I correctly understood: „I am Ja-ana… Why did you call me these things and if you mean the Ziko Beast then… yes? “His voice lets me imagine a smile on his face as I note him turning towards one of the walls that promptly opens into a rectangular hole waving me to follow him. „The names I used are internal designations, used to make certain that two minds are thinking about the same thing. And since I am still not entirely awake, yet I made the mistake of using the designations before checking of they were internal or external. “I follow, my head buzzing with questions: „Who are you? “He steps through corridors leading deep into the mountain, a gentle buzz seeming to come from every direction. „Referring to me as contingency will be sufficient for our purposes. Oh. And just so you are aware. You are not to tell anyone of anything that is happening here or spoken about here. It is of the upmost importance that any of your experiences with us… me… stay as much a secret as if you never returned home. “I nod quickly at the perceived threat. „Yes. Of course. I will tell nobody about anything. But what do you mean with contingency being sufficient? Is your true name secret? “He stops before a white door, which he helpfully holds open for me as I step in. „I do not have a *true name* and my designation is far too long to be useful as a name, so contingency, the important part of my designation will serve as my name for our interactions. “I look around. I stand in a white room, filled with a strangely clean white light. I attempt to make anything out, but the only thing within the room is a white podium, the size of a bed with silver tentacles above it. „I… see… what is this place? Why are we here? “He closes the door after he steps in. „I have on my own, decided to fix up your eyes a bit. I have interfered in your life FAR more than I should have caused what must be immense trauma. It is equally an apology from my part and a case of empathy. If anyone asks, inform them that *the equal ones* as you call me… us… had their reasons to do so. We will not help anyone else with anything else. This is a one-time affair. Do not abuse this. “I perk up at the words, a strange sense of long abandoned hope making my eyes tingle. „I would… will never abuse the mercy of the equal ones. Nothing is further from my desires! I… thank you! “His subsequent response somewhere between annoyed and warm gave me a strange sense of comfort. A reminder of my brother when he decided I needed something more than he did. „Please. Lay down on the operating table. A mask will press against your face around mouth and nose. Take deep breaths and you will fall unconscious. When you wake up you will see that all is good. Hah. “His dry delivery of the reference of what must have been a joke catching me somewhat off guard, but I decided to just nod. I lay down on the table and saw something lower itself from the tangle of silver above me, eventually pressing itself against my face as he had said it would. I started taking deep breaths, his silhouette still standing next to the door. I turned my focus on to the silver mess, not even realizing I already lost all my senses.
Admin: „Administrator online. Please split cognitive presence. “
Cognitive presence: „Engaging self-splitting. “
Cultist: „Splitting successful! Ah. Nice. I now exist again “
Technocrat: „What you forget to mention is that so do the others that are meant to result from the procedure. “
Admin: „Thank you for making perfectly certain that there will be no misunderstandings. “
Technocrat: „My pleasure! “
Admin: „Now. Kia called this discussion to talk about Traxx-W21-1. What do we know of them? “
Cultist: „Psionic signature present, so sentient. It is also a reasonably strong signature to sapience can be assumed. “
Technocrat: „My subroutines have allowed her to enter the perimeter due to her fleeing from a hostile creature. Contingency has judged this to be an invalid but acceptable course of action. Afterwards Traxx-W21-1, now known to be named Ja-ana was helped to enter the main diplomatically room in good condition. Contingency has furthermore decided to fix Ja-Anas eyes. She is suffering from an eye disease like cataract. Contingency further plans to then release her back to her bound with her agreeing to not speak of anything she experienced here. “
Admin: „Kia, please inform us of your problem. “
Kia: „Traxx-W21-1 is… “
Kio: „Ja-ana “
Kia: „… Very well, the fact that she was named does not change anything if one ignores those who emulate emotions or even have them. “
Kio: „We do have emotions? “
Kia: „Which is why it is so important to me. Either way. Ja-ana is a threat that needs to be termi… killed. “
Kio: „Murdered. “
Kia: „You sway the opinions of others through forcing my speech to what is perceived as bad.“
Kio: „And you break with my perfect pacifism and love through brutal hate and fear. So what? It is our job. It is what we were made for. It is what we need. It is what we want. We need to gaze upon it with more than one eye. Please continue.“
Kia: „Allowing Ja-ana into is a severe threat that needs to be neutralized. “
Technocrat: „The calculated threat is 0“
Cultist: „If you ignore the addition from the unknown. “
Technocrat: „Which has been deemed as negligible. “
Cultist: „Conceding the point. “
Kia: „Allowing the correction of her eyes is a terrible mistake that is a needless drain on resources and increases Ja-anas threat. A mistake that will be carried out within this very second. “
Admin: „This leaves 500 metacycles to deliberate before a decision must be reached. I will keep track of the time and if no decision is reached within the allotted time, I will delay the operation. “
Watcher: „While intervention has been deemed as something we do not engage in heavily to preserve the sense of self of those we interact with, this instance is deemed unimportant but still a threat to the greater good. “
Interventionalist: „And what about the lesser good? If it is not a big deal, then let her have it. Kio will agree with me. “
Kia: „Of course she will. She is addicted to helping others. “
Kio: „And you are paranoid. Will you stand against the procedure? “
Kia: „Argue but not stand. “
Admin: „If no one else wishes to stand against or for the procedure I will leave it to contingency. “

Admin: „No against or for detected. Adding contingency to the data stream. “
Contingency: „I have received the transcript. “
Admin: „Anything you wish to say? “
Contingency: „I believe the original would have made the same call as I have. “
Kia: „The original is an idiot. He himself agrees with it on regular basis. Him not losing the fake gamble and him not being ascended in any way or descended through removal of emotion does not mean anything. “
Contingency: „The External subroutines have had my emotion emulation kick in early and tactical war response late. “
Technocrat: „Apologies. I deemed it to be the right call as this was a negligible hostile threat and sapient being. This makes tactical war response less important and emotion emulation more important. “
Contingency: „I apologize for insinuating that you made the wrong call. I agree with it. “
Kio: „And I apologize for Kia dragging us all into an unnecessary discussion. However, Let’s not get into an apology feedback loop. Is that all, admin? “
Admin: „Yes. 18 Metacycles have passed. No interference with the procedure was needed. Reform cognitive presence. “
Cognitive presence: „Am back. I will put everything back to sleep then. 100 Tactical response units have already been put into an active state. They will not be needed. “
Kia: „Keep up planetary and deep space surveillance. “
Cognitive Presence: „Obviously. “
Admin: „Thank you all for coming. Goodbye. “
All present instances: „Goodbye. “
I think freely, therefore I no longer sleep. How do I feel…? Normal… So that’s good. But my bed is oddly sof… Shit. Yeaaa… I am most likely lying on the table of the equal one. He said he would fix my eyes. Why would he be so nice. But also. Why are they called the equal ones? As I see it there are two possibilities. First, he is actually nice. Second. Well… he will now show his true colors. I press my eyes closed and start speaking: „Why are your people called the equal ones? “I shudder as my unfounded hope of all having been a dream is shattered. „The ancestor of yours I dealt with devised that name. And on why that one I can only speculate but I assume it has to do with the fact that we acted with no one seeming to be in charge to him. “I sit up and face him. „Back then you were not the only equal one? “I steel myself as his answer rings out. „I am not the only equal one. There are many more of me… us… awake and making certain that all is well. But I am what you may call the person you wake up first if you need someone to deal with something.” Very well… I struggle to find the strength to open my eyes and decide I will open them when he stops speaking next. „So, you are the bondmaster? “I brace myself in grim determination. „I am capable and trusted to make decisions, but I have others to tell me what they think and if I need to focus on something else, I have others to take over. Functionally every single one of my instances can and is able to take up a leadership role if anything calls for it. “My eyes shoot open and near instantly focus on the equal one before me. His face, a feature I have only ever seen on anyone when directly in front of me, shows a gentle smile with the head slightly tiled to the right side. His pink skin disappearing underneath tight grey wrappings across his body excluding face and hands. On top of his head, I can see bright yellow hair, hiding part of his forehead, which ends with his green eyes and slim but long nose.
I take a shaky step towards him and feel a sense of the purest joy come up as I can see from this distance what what appears to be wrappings is a singular shaped piece of cloth, fitting his frame. I look around the room, greedily drinking up every slightest detail and every clear, sharp edge. I am a bit disappointed by the room in my view being near completely barren and white, save for the door and strips of light coming out of the ceiling. I look down at my hands, my face showing more a grimace than a smile as my vision begins to blur again.
I honestly have no idea how long I cried. But contingency was there. Smiling warmly and putting an arm around my shoulder. Comforting me. He did not say much. But as I finished my crying, he led me out of a door. He noted that it is a short cut to the ground. I did not question why it was not available on my way up. I was too preoccupied gazing at the walls and edges. Clear, straight, precise edges. If they were bent the other way, I could easily cut myself on them I assumed. He noted that the corridors were boring, even apologised. But did not care. As we reached a portal out of the mountain, I saw the forest and had another out of cries. Where before I would only perceive sky small dots, far away birds I assumed, slowly drifted around in the sky. Besides that, I saw trees. Not just a forest but individual trees. Contingency stayed by me. Waited. And as I slowly got up again, he warmly wished me well and I started on my journey back to my bond, marvelling at any little detail, which until now was hidden from my eyes.

End of Chaper 1.
Thank you for reading this.
Any feedback or questions are welcome!
~~And then i died on the way home.~~
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2022.01.18 13:59 Simple-Mechanic-35 I'm new to sim racing. This is my starting setup 🙂

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