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2021.12.08 04:25 rimsha_asad NEBOSH IGC

This is Rimsha Asad, Marketing Executive with Elite Occupational Safety and Technical Training Institute. We are workplace safety and health consultancy and training firm based in Satellite town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, operating on a global level with associate offices in Gulf regions. We offer occupational health and safety courses to individuals and firms. If you think any of your staff needs any sort of training, do refer them to us. Authenticity is guaranteed. It’s an SECP registered company and is directly registered with a number of national and international accrediting bodies. We assure you to provide better training than most of the institutes in the market in terms of quality and delivery. We spend almost twice the time for better learning as per the client’s requirements and ensure timely delivery. Also, we offer market competitive rates.
If you, your colleagues and staff, or anyone from your social circle requires OSH training/consultancy, please feel free to communicate and find a best-suited solution for all your safety-related training needs!
View Poll
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2021.12.08 04:25 anon64________ Turtle spawning mechanics for 1.16 skyblock

How can I get turtles to spawn in 1.16 skyblock? do I just place sand in a beach biome or do I need to place the sand in a specific spot? can it be in a spawn chunk? Do I need to be a specific distance away?
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2021.12.08 04:25 No_Mood_5181 Dm to talk about cam

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2021.12.08 04:25 Desperate_Day_8813 Vitalik’s Buterin’s Endgame: Ethereum 2.0 and Centralization Predicament

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2021.12.08 04:25 Kingkoofy_ Classic

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2021.12.08 04:25 BeeBoBongoBopper Saying goodbye

I've been an avid listener of the podcast since the very first episode with NakeyJakey came out. It's hard to think that was 4 years ago now. That they were with me for so long. The boys were always with me. They were the people who cheered me up, and made me laugh long before had any real friends. They helped me through some extremely hard times in my life. I really loved them, In a hard to describe parasocial without being unhealthy, type of way. I remember refreshing my browser waiting for Booger wall, laughing my ass off at Extra Cheese Please, being vexed at Kojima's retweeting choices, being horrified at Mayor Monkeys rise to power.
I genuinely didn't believe the news when I first heard it. This had to be a different person, Sabrina didn't mention names, the time frame was before they started dating right? I came to fully believe the truth of the situation with time. I felt sick. This person who I had viewed so positively. Who had had genuinely cared about the wellbeing off. Who based most of his brand off of bring a good person. They had somehow let themselves be that ruthless to another human. The feeling was in describable.
I put it in the back of my mind. I tried not to worry about it. I wanted to wait until the situation was fully detailed. But I never felt the relief I do desired. When Gus posted I was fucking sick. I can't believe this is the same person. I unsubscribed, from everything. Im done being part of this man's audience no matter what he does at the point. I can't stand it
So goodbye G and E. I miss you already.
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2021.12.08 04:25 niuz-bot TRADIŢII ÎN BUCATE/ Vin sărbătorile - în satul timişean Coşteiu de Sus pregătirile sunt în toi - [Social]

Citeste in continuare: https://www.agerpres.ro/social/2021/12/08/traditii-in-bucate-vin-sarbatorile-in-satul-timisean-costeiu-de-sus-pregatirile-sunt-in-toi--827352
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2021.12.08 04:25 ForkastNewsBot South Korean presidential candidate urges greater national leadership on digital assets

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2021.12.08 04:25 united-verdict-bot Unanimous "Not the A-hole" with 10 votes

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2021.12.08 04:25 wincentwoo Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Epstein kept CDs with nude photos catalogued with police-style evidence tape

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2021.12.08 04:25 Floor-Proof “Si può scioperare e dialogare”. La Cgil mette in difficoltà il Pd

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2021.12.08 04:25 Nathan84 [homemade]Meatball-and-Spinach Baked Ziti

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2021.12.08 04:25 ashley0510 What's the funniest thing that a heat changing mug could reveal?

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2021.12.08 04:25 Kronyzx John Goodman, 69, looking great after losing over 200lbs.

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2021.12.08 04:25 MatigePikvis [th11] My first warbase, is it any good?

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2021.12.08 04:24 the_mirror_viewer01 $BEST inc 25% short float on Finviz. When moon?

$BEST inc 25% short float on Finviz. When moon? When will $BEST inc squeeze?
I still feel confident about $BEST; and think there's rational reasons to be long here. Whether that's the recent $1.1 billion usd deal; the company achieving profitability in 2022; soon having more cash on hand than market cap size; being extremely undervalued when considering revenue; expansion all throughout SE Asia; a global focusing and strengthening of supply chains/logistics/freight/shipping services--it just looks like an enormous opportunity.
Long on $BEST inc with 300k shares.
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2021.12.08 04:24 OppositePumpkin2383 Best gaming laptop under 1,70,000?

I want a laptop for light gaming and espicially for CAD. Which one should I buy, that has value for money?
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2021.12.08 04:24 er5t test post

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2021.12.08 04:24 bones-left-alones Camo and white outfit I got from a Venus catalogue.

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2021.12.08 04:24 DefenderOfMontrocity how to fix big tech censorship and shadow banning

Summary: If we can force big tech to support aggregators API, we can solve 'secret homepage algorithm' and 'shadow banning' issues, at least partially. However we need to make it a movement, we need to reach out to lawmakers for regulations to force API.

A big tech ceo was interrogated in the senate. A senator asked the ceo a straightforward yes-no question. the CEO was asked whether or not a chinese holding company is an 'affiliated partner' of that company. That company has a privacy policy which clearly says it shares all the data with all of its affiliate partners. But the ceo refused to answer clearly whether its investor company is an 'affiliate partner'.
Reddit CEO Ellen Pao was photographed in a party with alleged child trafficker ghislaine maxwell. Ellen Pao said in twitter that everybody knew maxwell is a trafficker but maxwell was friend with powerful people. however later she edited the tweet. Another Reddit CEO was also notorious for editing user comment to make it look bad.
CNN threatened to dox a random reddit user for making a meme. It is rumored that reddit admins gave CNN the ip address and home location of the reddit user.
Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer was mad at a journalist, because of a surface pro 2 leak. He went to the email inbox of that journalist. The journalist had outlook address which is a microsoft domain. Steve balmer read all the emails to find out which microsoft engineer was the leaker. He was later asked about this, he said all emails in outlook address is microsoft property and he can do whatever he wants with those emails.
The hated one is a youtuber and he speculated that it is possible that big tech has AI systems which serves advertisers. He said AI systems are keen on polarizing society by identity politics and it censors corruption news by big tech and advertisers in order to distract people.
The hated one also said that Microsoft was forbid by NSA to fix bugs in windows xp and windows 7. Later wannacry ransomeware used those apps to blackmail people for money.
It is rumored that whatsapp works closely with Israeli pegasus spyware developers. Pegasus spyware is on the phone of many journalist/people, they are widely used by Israel and Saudi Arabia etc.

'The hated one' is a privacy focused youtuber. He claimed after he made a rant about Australian government spying on fibre optic and planning to break encryption, youtube shadow banned his video. People can only see that video if they search for it, however youtube doesn't recommend that video so that video is not reaching to masses(his other videos were reaching people).
Remember, big tech hates talking about shadow banning. They deny it.
Shadow banning is when big tech doesn't ban your post or your account, people can still see by searching specifically for it, however your post won't reach your audience because it won't show in homepage of your followers.
Twitter CEO denies shadow banning policy. They have a webpage describing some of their homepage algorithm and denying shadow ban feature. However, there was an alleged hack of a twitter employee. The hacker claims that twitter employee had a shadow ban/trends blacklist button on his screen.
Facebook's home page algorithm is not as simple as twitter, but they try to deny the existence of shadow banning. (They also avoid commenting on topics like shadow profile.)
Few years ago Facebook tried to research on 6 German villagers by tweaking their homepage. Facebook was caught and later forced to apologize for psychological experiments.

Now, how to stop shadowban? There is no easy way. Of course you can ask lawmakers to interrogate CEO about shadow banning controversy 'which doesn't exist'.
However, I don't think it will work as expected. Rather, we need a tactical method to deal with shadow banning, with RSS feed and aggregators. RSS feeds were hated by big tech. There was a problem with RSS feed, they can take away advertisement money. However, we need some sort of aggregator even if it's not RSS feed.
Let's say we force big tech to support APIs so instead of relying on homepage, we can use our custom apps to create homepage for us. social medias will work as backend, however if we can properly use those API, and all of us uses same open source aggregator, then shadow banning will be impossible. We will not be looking at the secret homepage algorithm, the aggregator will be creating custom homepage based on our choice, not based on big tech's censorship.
big tech already supports partial APIs. However we need to make it a mass movement. We even need to reach out to lawmakers to remind them that if they want to fix 'secret algorithms' for homepages, they must pass regulations to allow custom homepage using API.
EU already has right to privacy and GDPR. maybe we need to push them for another legislature to 'right to API'.

The problem with this plan? The plan doesn't really work if majority of people are still using youtube homepage. We have to make it a movement, so people don't use social media homepages, rather they use RSS feed apps for their homepage.
A better plan? stop using these big tech companies and move to other social media platforms. However I don't think that works. Because Amazon facebook will still be there, a new amazon and new facebook.

There are similar privacy issues on android and ios. Why let facebook harvest tracker data from phone? We should only use facebook as backend. force big tech to support API for login from an open source android app, so we won't have any closed source app on the phone.
There should be open source unified social media app where you can log into your whatsapp or facebook or twitter account. Right now these things actually exist already, but these are not regulated. We need lawmakers to pass laws to force API for big tech social media.
Similar things for pc game launchers and peripheral/rgb softwares. PC softwares also collect data from users, some are outright spywares. So we need legislature to force rgb peripheral makers to support API etc.
Right now gaming apps only know your purchase and game habits. But in future, the metaverse gamign will know all your friends. So we need to push game launchers to support unified launcher app.
Note that this doesn't stop big tech not to collect data. They will collect data as we give them. However right now they are not only collected the data we are giving them, they are also collecting data from your phone and computer that they were not supposed to have.
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2021.12.08 04:24 kirijo Mod Rule proposal - no mods of multiple regional subs

I am aware that our mod team needs help, and I'm certainly not volunteering, but I think we should limit the control of mods to one Albertan regional sub.
° It's too easy for mods to target and harass users across multiple subs.
° The quality of moderation decreases significantly when mods are not active participants or passive viewers.
° The quality of moderation decreases significantly when mods are attempting to moderate multiple subs.
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2021.12.08 04:24 user-anon_ HELP PLS this keeps getting buried

ok so this might be long sorry but this is the history right. I'm a f(15) and this guy I like is m(16), and at the end of freshman year he asked for my snap and we would text but it wasn’t like that yk(he would ask if I was single, etc.)
He was a horrible texter(found out it's cs he shares a phone w/ his brother) like he would text me first and then leave me on delivered or open but I asked our mutual friend and she said he’s just a bad texter.
One night he texted me and was like "I just got off work let me scoop you and I'll drop you back off and yk I'll smoke you out" and I couldn’t leave cs it was like 12 am so I told him some excuse I can’t remember anymore but after that, we stopped texting until I accidentally showed up at his job but he just ended up texting me and asking if I was the one at his job and I was like yea and that was that.
But this year at school we make eye contact so much and yk how you can tell the vibes someone is giving from their eyes idk I feel like he’s giving me those vibes.
Once when he was walking past my class we made eye contact and then he walked past the door but then came back and waved to me but I asked our mutual (N) if he was talking to someone and when she asked him he said "no oh wait yea I am" and like how you forget your talking to someone yk?
Anyways he ignores me cs one time we walked past each other to the bathrooms and I said hi and he didn’t say it back and I admit it was a bit quiet but still and then this morning in the breakfast line he was in front of me and I accidentally hit his shoulder so I apologized and he didn’t say anything but a few mins he turned around and said hi to my friend that was standing next to us.
But then he was like excuse me to me in the line at lunch but that’s a normal human interaction but as the way, he looks at me, and idk he must’ve liked me or thought I was attractive if he asked for my snap right? I feel like me saying no to going to smoke made him feel like I’m not interested in him and I’m too nervous to make a move but I really like him and I want to make a move without looking stupid.
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2021.12.08 04:24 BREgATRON New to iPhone, question about Spotify app

Hi folks,
I recently bought my first iPhone which is the iPhone 13 and I'm having a great time so far. When I'm at work I use Spotify with my Chrome browser and the iPhone launches the Spotify app in the background.
Can I somehow avoid that? I fear that it drains my battery while just laying on my desk.
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2021.12.08 04:24 JacobPeter97 "MORNING HOURS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE" - Steve Harvey Motivational Speech

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2021.12.08 04:24 Born-Argument4900 Hi, I would appreciate if you're thinking about joining coinbase that you use my referral link!

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