What happened to Robert Covington? Why did he fall off so hard?

2021.12.08 03:35 Arcadia47 What happened to Robert Covington? Why did he fall off so hard?

He was one of the most productive and underrated players from 2016-2019. Looking at just his stats from the last 2 years he has fallen off on almost every category.
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2021.12.08 03:35 End-Forward Isn't this a paradox?

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2021.12.08 03:35 tomkatt This line took me way too long but I think it turned out pretty good. 👌

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2021.12.08 03:35 alboz215 What was the first ‘red flag’ you ignored about your ex that eventually ended your relationship?

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2021.12.08 03:35 Born-Pound8098 Mental Health

There might be some of you here who recently got into this university. So, as a fellow alumni, I wanted to share one advice. Please don’t let your mental health deteriorate. There is nothing more important than your life. I remember getting Cs in my class and I used to cry my eyes out. My depression got so severe that I just wanted to give up. But trust me, these grades are just temporary. After graduating, I realized I cried over nothing. I’m 23 right now and I have my whole life ahead. Grades don’t really matter in the real world, YOU DO! Please take care of yourself and don’t push yourself so much that you end up hurting yourself.
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2021.12.08 03:35 L-L-Morin Is this first chapter any good? (2.4k words)(will be dark fantasy)

Hi, I'm a new writer and just wanted to know if this first chapter was decent.
My outline for the entire series is done and this is the first chapter I write. Before starting the second, I just wanted to know if I made any major mistakes in grammar, story telling, show don't tell, etc.
Any comments is appreciated
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2021.12.08 03:35 cupidsbow4 I’m so confused

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2021.12.08 03:35 Aoi_Jay Jasmy website got updated, App is available for DL on the 15th. Project CEO is the former President of Sony.

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2021.12.08 03:35 whacknibba Water starter help

LF: some breedjects for my Mono Water squad
Any Squirtle, +Atk nature Totodile, and +Def nature Mudkip, and Lotad
A donation would be amazing!!! FT: i do have the sinnoh starters, ddance larvitar, ddance dratini, Cranidos, gligar, treecko and torchic eggs evailable for trade!
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2021.12.08 03:35 Financial-Deer-2804 Feelings/Emotions for Holiday Tour

As we all know, all the new pipes, special packs as well as tier shop offerings for this tour have been out by now. I would like to know how you felt about this tour. Can be anything from pipe pulls to gameplay etc.
The duration of this poll is 7 days, so as to garner a large sample size to factor in any good pipe pulls or special packs purchase which could affect the poll result.
Do note that this is part 1 of the 3-tour holiday celebration.
View Poll
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2021.12.08 03:35 31mili31 seni çok SİKTİM

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2021.12.08 03:35 alkaloidstx es into black screen

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2021.12.08 03:35 TyrionGoldenLion Father of the Year, Izanagi

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2021.12.08 03:35 UNI_ANIME_WORLD Genjutsu of that level doesn't work on me {haha}😄

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2021.12.08 03:35 Canyoupaymybills99 In The Mood For Love - Quizas, Quizas, Quizas. An edit I made for my fav WKW film. Swing by my Instagram @notrakshit to drop a like, would really mean the world :)

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2021.12.08 03:35 Floor-Proof Roma, sei anni per pulire le caditoie

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2021.12.08 03:35 Classic_Dust_8431 Letting Go

The shrill cries of a stubborn child filter through my window, As it occurs to me, all of life is an act of letting go, Letting go of dreams, schedules, objects and people, Letting go of childhood ambitions scribbled thoughtfully in old dusty scrapbooks, Letting go of answers to where you would see yourself in a decade or two, Letting go of timelines and due dates and big plans, Letting go of dream positions, dream jobs and ideal cities, Letting go of friends you thought would always be there, Letting go of people you planned to grow old with, Letting go of people you knew as your home, Letting go of homes you wanted to die in, Letting go of people you believed in, Letting go of your beliefs and ideologies, Letting go of your perceptions, and preformed judgements, All of life is an act of letting go, Letting go of the things you love, the things you need and sometimes, both, With difficulty, letting go of things you believe in, And in letting go, through a vague dull pain, and a deeper sadness, There is a defiant, reluctant survival, While you forage for new places, new people, new plans and new ideas.
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2021.12.08 03:35 TheHyperkalemic Oogie Boogie Cleaning Tips

Hey guys! First time posting on here. I have the slip on nightmare before christmas oofie boogie vans. Ive used them alot amd they are a little dirty. Does anyone know the best way to clean them or have any tips on how to clean them properly? Thanks in Advance!
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2021.12.08 03:35 lolibanzai1043 after months, i finally archieve diff 140

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2021.12.08 03:35 manicmondae I have tons of flowers. Let me know what you want and I can bring them to your island! Hurry before they’re all gone. Trades appreciated but not required.

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2021.12.08 03:35 Driftstar777 First post here in about two months. F-22 Razgriz skin.

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2021.12.08 03:35 Zealousideal_Factor5 Barbara Cristina Rossi

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2021.12.08 03:35 Infected197 [Gunslinger] Game freezing up and forcing me to reboot computer

need help im trying to run a playthrough of the game with gunslinger AN 3 and a damage boost mod and a carryweight mod and randomly whilst playing the screen will cut up then freeze forcing me to reboot my comptuer, anyone have an idea what could be causing this?
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2021.12.08 03:35 Mothernature96 lil baby Anubias bloom ft nosey platies

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2021.12.08 03:35 TransformerTanooki These blanks are just cool looking. Plus the headphones in a cassette case is pretty smart.

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